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pannelli fotovoltaici
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pannelli fotovoltaici
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Photovoltaic systems

You invest, we solve.
We create the photovoltaic system that best suits your needs.

We specialise in the design and construction of structures for photovoltaic systems. We offer a complete range of solutions for the photovoltaic sector, ideal for fully and efficiently meeting every need. Our experience in the field is your guarantee: together we evaluate the best solution. 

Our products comply with the EN 1090-2 EXC2, EXC3 Execution Class and are accompanied by a structural calculation report and P.D.O. certifications in accordance with UNI EN 1090 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Photovoltaic shelters

pensiline fotovoltaiche

Photovoltaic shelters are suitable for creating protected and shaded parking areas or for charging electric cars, bicycles and scooters. Our systems are tailor-made based on the snow, wind and earthquake load values required by local and international regulations. Our structures allow for rainwater to be collected without the need for an undercover. This factor is fundamental for the improvement of the productive efficiency of the photovoltaic system and the final result. Thanks to BIM design, we can offer a photorealistic vision of the finished work even in the estimate phase.

Ground-based photovoltaic structures

strutture per impianti fotovoltaici a terra

Ground-based photovoltaic systems are the perfect solution to use unused land by producing clean energy. Our systems are made to measure according to the layout provided by the client. We offer different systems that allow a high assembly tolerance to reduce the related costs. Our team has post driver vehicles with GPS technology. We can supply, on request, specialised equipment and workforce for assembly on site.

Solar trackers

inseguitori solari

Solar trackers are ideal for those looking for a high-performance solution. Our uniaxial trackers are able to rotate up to 55° to track the solar movement from east to west and the backtracking programme allows a 30-35% increase in the system’s yield. The robust structure has been designed with a perfect barycentric balance that limits the stresses on the mechanical system, guaranteeing its durability over time and minimising maintenance costs. The management and control system was developed in collaboration with ABB.

Photovoltaic systems on flat roofs

impianti fotovoltaici su coperture piane

Photovoltaic systems on flat roofs are suitable for laying on flat roofs which are totally or partially unused. Our structures are designed to satisfy inclinations from 0 to 30°. The combination of steel brackets and reinforced concrete ballast it is ideal for reducing costs, making the product highly competitive on the market. The ballasts are made with standard dimensions and can be combined to allow easy handling. Assembly is quick and easy and does not involve issues in drilling the sheaths.

Photovoltaic systems on corrugated sheet roofs

Copertura in lamiera grecata

Our anchoring system for corrugated sheet roofs is ideal for those looking for an economic solution without having to compromise on quality. The brackets can be made of stainless steel or hot galvanised steel with a PVC support washer. This type of photovoltaic system represents an economic, simple and fast assembly system. A secure fixing system that can be carried out both on new and existing roofs, without involving an increase in load in addition to the weight of the photovoltaic panels.